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We love working with your child, and we’re all about making you feel at home, too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here on our site, feel free to give us a call.  Are you signing up for classes online, coming to enjoy one of our activities, coming to a birthday party here or going to camp? If so, fill out the appropriate waiver for your child.

Special Events Waiver
If you are attending a birthday party, open gym, field trip, or court rental fill out the form below.

Special Events Waiver

Class Enrollment Waiver

If you are registering for class or an Into class, fill out the form below.

Class Enrollment Waiver – Oldham County

Class Enrollment Waiver – Louisville


Payment Procedures

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee – if you are not entirely happy with our lessons we will refund 100% of your tuition within the first month, or apply it as a credit towards another lesson.

Easy Enroll, Easy Pay

We now offer Easy Enroll, Easy Pay! You may enroll or un-enroll anytime. Tuition is prorated if you register mid-month. We do not charge more for long months or less for short months. We bill on the 15th of the month for the next month’s tuition. You must have a valid debit/credit card on file for payment. Declined payments must be paid in full or you risk losing your class spot to a waiting student.

Un-Enrollment Procedure

To un-enroll from class, you must submit your request in writing including the date of the last day of the month you are dropping and reason for un-enrolling.  Please submit this request by the 14th of the month to avoid charges for the next month that occur on the 15th.  Upon receiving your request, we will update your account accordingly.  No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes or for un-enrolling for a partial month.  We will be happy to apply a credit to your All About Kids account if payment has already been received for the next month.  All credits are valid for one full year.  Please submit requests to aaklouisville@allaboutkids.cc. or aakoldhamco@allaboutkids.cc.

Payment Forms Accepted

 Class Fees – Monthly Pricing

Missed Classes

We allow makeup classes, when available. Student must be enrolled in the current month in order to schedule a makeup class. All makeup classes must be age and skill appropriate (the same class as which they are enrolled). Your student may receive an Open Gym/Swim pass instead of a makeup class, if desired. If you schedule a makeup class and are unable to attend, we must be notified before the class starts in order to reschedule.  Missed classes must be made up or Fun Zone/Open Gym pass redeemed within six months of the missed class (makeups expire six months from the date of the missed class).  If a student unenrolls and re-enrolls within six months of the missed class, they may schedule a makeup class once they have re-enrolled.

 Snow Closing Information

In the event we experience severe winter weather, All About Kids may decide to close. If this happens, we will notify everyone in several ways:

  1. Facebook – Be sure to like our page!
  2. E-mail – Make sure we have a current email address on file
  3. Website – Visit www.AllAboutKids.cc for up to date closures
  4. Phone – Even if the office is closed, we will update the voicemail
  5. TV – Check Fox 41 or Fox41.com, however, they will display if we are closed. If you don’t see us listed, you can always use one of the options listed above.

We provide a fun, safe environment in which kids learn and grow through sports. We employ world-class instructors for our world-class kids. We are ALL ABOUT KIDS because we are ALL ABOUT FUN!

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