Bounce House Inflatable Fun Zone


All About Kids Fun Zone is named that for a reason, and it features bounce houses, inflatable mazes, slides, tunnels and ball pits for kids! The Fun Zone is great entertainment for younger children while their older siblings are attending a class! The Fun Zone is open to both members and guests, and no pre-registration is required. Parental supervision required. 

Oldham County Location
Monday – Thursday: 5-8pm (10 & under)
Friday: 10am-2pm (5 & under)
Saturday: 9am-1pm (10 & under)

Louisville Location
Monday – Friday: 10am-2pm (Includes Preschool Open Gym Mon-Thur) (5 & under)
Monday – Thursday: 5-8pm (10 & under)
Saturday: 9am-1pm (10 & under)

Member Pass:  $60/10 visits
Individual visit:  $10

We must have a Liability Waiver/Registration Form on file (signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN) before a child may participate in the Fun Zone. If you are a parent with a child new to All About Kids, you can fill out the liability waiver under the FOR PARENTS tab.

We provide a fun, safe environment in which kids learn and grow through sports. We staff employ world-class instructors for our world-class kids. We are ALL ABOUT KIDS because we are ALL ABOUT FUN!

Let’s bounce!

Visit the zone
All About Kids Louisville
We are closed for the day. We will be open tomorrow
from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Oldham Co.
All About Kids Oldham County
We are closed for the day. We will be open tomorrow
from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm