All About Kids

Inflatable Fun Zone

All About Kids Fun Zone is named that for a reason, and it features bounce houses, inflatable mazes, slides, tunnels and ball pits for kids! The Fun Zone is great entertainment for younger children while their older siblings are attending a class! The Fun Zone is open to both members and guests, and no pre-registration is required. Parental supervision required. 

Oldham County Location

Monday – Thursday: 5pm-8pm (10 & under)
Friday: 10am-2pm (5 & under)
Saturday: 9am-12pm (10 & under)

Louisville Location

Monday – Friday: 10am-2pm (5 & under)
Monday – Friday: 4pm-8pm (10 & under)
Saturday: 9am-12pm (10 & under)


Member Pass:  $99/10 visits
Individual visit:  $13

We must have a Liability Waiver/Registration Form on file (signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN) before a child may participate in the Fun Zone. If you are a parent with a child new to All About Kids, you can fill out the liability waiver under the FOR PARENTS tab.


Money Back Guarantee