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Dance Lessons

At Step One Dance Studio, we love to dance! We love to teach dance classes for kids and most importantly – we love kids! The wide variety of dance classes we offer ranges from toddler dance classes to traditional ballet, tap and jazz. We even offer dance classes that focus on Hip Hop, Musical Theatre or Tiny Tots.

Step One’s dance studio is one of the best dance studios in Louisville. We have a dance sub-floor that protects our talented dancers from injury while our highly trained dance professional challenge your little dancer in every class.

At Step One Dance Studio, we know that dance can truly make a difference in a child’s life. Taking dance-classes at Step One Dance Studio can help build strong and graceful bodies. Dance classes also builds self-confidence, poise, coordination, determination, creativity and an appreciation for what the human body is capable of doing. And because our dance instructors are All About Kids, our dance classes are lots of fun!

Dance Lessons


Our family LOVES All About Kids! The facility and staff are top notch! We have two children that attention weekly classes. They have gained confidence, listening skills, and improved athleticism. We also love our dance and gymnastics teacher, Destiny. She has a nurturing way about her teaching style that brings comfort to the parents and students.

Jessica Olsen
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