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At Champion Gymnastics, we provide the best gymnastics classes in Louisville! Your child’s gymnastics lessons will be in a fun, safe environment with the best trained professionals.

Physical fitness. Self-confidence. Courage. Self-discipline. Social awareness. Physical and mental strength. Self-appreciation. Teamwork. Flexibility. These are the benefits of gymnastics and the skills your child will attain through their involvement in Champion Gymnastics.

We offer classes for toddlers all the way up to our highly competitive gymnastics teams. Gymnastics provides many opportunities and a positive experience for your child. Studies show that gymnastics helps kids develop physical and social skills both in and out of the gym.

We have two All About Kids locations… Louisville and Oldham County. Our facilities are the best and most equipped facilities in town!

Our coaches are highly trained and focus on the kids physical and mental well being. From your little gymnast all the way up to our college hopefuls, our coaches focus on our mission: We build happy, healthy, confident kids through sports!

Gymnastics Lessons

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Jillian and Everly have grown a lot in their confidence and self-esteem through their involvement in All About Kids.  They have improved their gymnastics skills while formulating healthy relationships with staff and peers.  We love that All About Kids is so close to our home in Oldham County.  It is convenient and affordable for our family.  The staff are kind and helpful.  Our girls look forward to going to gymnastics each week!

Nick and Rebecca Reichert

Our kids began taking classes at AAK about 4 months ago.  The staff is kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. My children love their coaches and have so much fun. The coaches make my children feel welcome. They give our children drive to compete and continue learning.  The coaches moved my son up a couple levels to challenge him and my son’s motivation and confidence had grown leaps and bounds. The safety employed by the coaches is top-notch, and I appreciate the time they take to stretch and make sure the kids stay injury-free.  AAK is where it's at!

Jonathan Bolin

My kids have been at Champion most of their young lives. They started at 3 and 1 1/2 years old, they are now 12 and 8.They have learned the importance of friendship, teamwork, balance and dedication to the sport. It is very time consuming but in the end, the love they have for the their teammate and vice versa is well with it. When it all comes together and they have achieved their goals and nailed that flip, the love and support they get from their team is truly amazing. 

Carla Dunham

Our family has been part of Champion gymnastics for six years and all three of our daughters are on competitive teams.  Over the many hours they’ve spent practicing and competing they have developed as gymnasts and formed wonderful friendships.  Along with the non-stop flipping, they love the camaraderie and team atmosphere!  They have a blast getting to cheer on their teammates, and hearing their shouts of support as they nail a routine or get to ring the bell because they completed a new skill. 
As parents we value the many life lessons that the sport of gymnastics teaches them- hard work, dedication, focus, resilience, courage, and toughness.  There’s not much better than seeing your kiddo’s smiling face than when they finally get a skill that they’ve worked through blood, sweat, and tears to attain.  Champion is truly helping prepare them for gymnastics, and for life!

Seth & Heather Stevens

Being a part of Champion Gymnastics for over 10 years, my daughter has learned life skills that will stay with her through her collegiate gymnastic career and well into her adult life. 

Todd Bingham

Our family LOVES All About Kids! The facility and staff are top notch! We have two children that attention weekly classes. They have gained confidence, listening skills, and improved athleticism. We also love our dance and gymnastics teacher, Destiny. She has a nurturing way about her teaching style that brings comfort to the parents and students.

Jessica Olsen

From team and recreational gymnastics to lil ninja classes and open gym/swims, my children have done it all at AAK! The coaches and staff always provide a caring and engaging atmosphere while communication from the staff is clear and consistent. It’s been a joy to watch my children grow as we’ve made AAK our home away from home. 

Brittney Maslowski

Four years ago, we decided to join All About Kids to help our oldest daughter work through some issues with anxiety and begin to build some social skills. She really needed a lot of help with these things as well as making her body stronger physically. Once we enrolled her in gymnastics, she began showing growth as an individual and became more confident in herself. We loved her experience so much that we then chose to enroll our youngest daughter as well. They both are actively involved in gymnastics and swim lessons each week. The gymnastics staff has been great! Each instructor has taken the time to get to know our daughters. They provide positive feedback on the things they do well and discuss with them things they need to work on. Even through COVID, they took the time to provide virtual lessons for their students. They successfully set up activities that you could complete at home while watching the instructors through Zoom. Our daughters were so excited to be able to continue even through the pandemic. We’ve also encountered great staff during swim lessons. Our girls absolutely love their swim instructor. He has really helped turn them become more comfortable in the water and more confident in what they can do. They love going to swim class each week and being able to show what great swimmers they have become through the help and guidance of their instructor. Our family is very grateful to have such a wonderful place close to home!

Danielle Barnes

We love AAK! We have been attending for 3 years and couldn’t be happier. The coaches are fantastic at taking kids, whatever their ability level, and progressing them along. They are patient coaches and always encourage our kids to be the best they can be!

Shannon Packard

AAK is not just a building we go to twice a week; it’s about the relationships we have built over the years. It’s been more than just the muscle and skills, but also the confidence and the drive to be better and we have watched our kids grow. We feel that the instructors aren’t just there for a paycheck but genuinely want the kids to succeed. I love watching the instructors get just as excited as the parents when a child meets a milestone in class.

Ariele Wright

Our daughters have been in gymnastics at AAK for nearly five years.  They have loved every minute of it. Their confidence and physical strength have grown tremendously through learning to do things that they couldn’t at first.  The coaches and staff have been great to deal with as a parent and the girls have always admired their coaches.  Our whole family loves AAK!

Brad and Diane Hatcher
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