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Swim Lessons

Welcome to Fun Fins Swim School at All About Kids Sports Center where we teach the best swim lessons in Louisville and Oldham County!  Our mission is to build happy, healthy, confident kids through our swim lessons.  Our customers enjoy learning to swim in a safe, comfortable environment.  We are the premier instructional swimming facility in town because we offer many different swim classes in a warm, safe environment.

Our infant and toddler centered swim program features a 50′ x 25′ learn-to-swim pool.  Our pool depth ranges from 3 to 4 ½ feet deep.  We have a warm water pool in which the water is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees!  This offers optimum learning for the little ones without shivering or blue lips.  We have so much training equipment that your child will never get bored.  We have two fun water slides that also keep the kids interest while learning to swim.    

In addition, we work at each child’s individual level.  We put their mental and physical well being first and we are dedicated to addressing the needs and readiness of each child.  We never teach through fear, domination or force. Our emphasis is teaching swim lessons while having fun, being understanding and patient.  We believe the journey is as important as the destination.  

Most of all, we teach kids how to swim using correct techniques and proper progressions.  Our skillfully trained, enthusiastic and loving instructors will safely teach your child to swim with confidence.  In each level, children will also learn exciting new skills. If your child is hesitant to put his or her face in the water, or already knows all the strokes, we have a swim class for you!  

Fun Fins is also known in the community for our commitment to accommodate children with special needs.  In addition, we have a swim program dedicated to kids with autism.  For more information, check out our “Get Your FEAT Wet” program. 

AgeBeginningIntermediateAdvancedPre Swim TeamSwim Team
6mo – 23mo with parentsGuppies N/AN/AN/AN/A
2 year olds with parentsGoldfishN/AN/AN/AN/A
3-5 year olds without parentsRosie Red 1 & 2Oscar Orange 1Oscar Orange 2N/AN/A
6-12 year olds without parentsPolly Purple 1Polly Purple 2Yippie YellowGolly Green & Billy BlueFun Fins Swim Club



My daughter has never made the gains in swimming she has made with Ms. Kristen! One on one is ideal for her sensory needs and has helped her become so much more comfortable in the water without worrying about others splashing and the loud echoes of the pool area. Ms. Kristen works with her on exactly what she needs, and she’s actually learning to swim! I never thought I’d see the day!

Sara Zielberg

We have been an All About Kids family since 2016. Having started, both our daughters in swimming lessons at the age of 1 year old. The swim instructors seem very knowledgeable teaching children of a young age. They truly love and care about what they do! And have help to build the confidence both of our kids need not only in the pool, but everyday life as well.

Jason Hendricksen

Four years ago, we decided to join All About Kids to help our oldest daughter work through some issues with anxiety and begin to build some social skills. She really needed a lot of help with these things as well as making her body stronger physically. Once we enrolled her in gymnastics, she began showing growth as an individual and became more confident in herself. We loved her experience so much that we then chose to enroll our youngest daughter as well. They both are actively involved in gymnastics and swim lessons each week. The gymnastics staff has been great! Each instructor has taken the time to get to know our daughters. They provide positive feedback on the things they do well and discuss with them things they need to work on. Even through COVID, they took the time to provide virtual lessons for their students. They successfully set up activities that you could complete at home while watching the instructors through Zoom. Our daughters were so excited to be able to continue even through the pandemic. We’ve also encountered great staff during swim lessons. Our girls absolutely love their swim instructor. He has really helped turn them become more comfortable in the water and more confident in what they can do. They love going to swim class each week and being able to show what great swimmers they have become through the help and guidance of their instructor. Our family is very grateful to have such a wonderful place close to home!

Danielle Barnes
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