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Swimming Lessons for Children With Special Needs

This program has been specifically designed with your child in mind. Not only are all of our staff trained and experienced in working with children who have special needs, we also have a certified lifeguard on deck and a behavioral therapist in the water to make sure that your child will get the most out of every lesson.  We partner with FEAT of Louisville for this program. These are one of a kind swimming lessons for children with special needs.

Our Philosophy/Objectives:

We want your child’s swim skills to improve as well as their ability to be comfortable in the pool and with their instruction. (For some children, this may take a considerable amount of time.) Our swimming lessons for children with special needs teach your child how to swim using creative techniques and gentle methods. We understand that every child learns in a different manner. This is why your child will only be expected to learn at their own pace.
Last but not least, we want the experience to be FUN! Our goal is for your child to leave the pool area with a smile on their face and an eagerness to return.

Swimming Lessons Curriculum:

Our curriculum focuses on each child’s individual needs and abilities. Your child’s comfort level in the water as well as their swimming ability will determine the skills that he/she will be working on. Our FEAT classes take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Other days and times are available upon request. Each lesson is a private one-on-one lesson and is a half an hour long.

LOCATION: Louisville & Oldham Co.


GENDER: Boys & Girls

APPAREL/EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Swimsuit, towel and goggles

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