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Cheerleading School Squads

Cheerleading Squad Pricing

Times per week1x per week  2x per week
# of cheerleaders5-10     11-20      21+     5-10    11-20    21+ 
60 minute class$79       $75         $70$105     $99     $89
90 minute class$89       $85         $75$110     $105    $99
2 hour class$99       $89         $79$115     $110    $105

Please contact our office to schedule your team practice today!  Squad prices are for groups of 5 or more cheerleaders.

All participating members must register online prior to participation. Tuition is due the 15th of the month for the following month. If it is not paid before the 15th of the month, All About Kids will initiate electronic payments for the balance of the account onto the credit/debit securely on file. There is also a Membership fee per student due annually. Students will not be allowed to participate as of the 1st of the month if there is an outstanding balance.  Sorry, no exceptions.  There is a late fee of $10 that will be applied to any accounts not paid by the 20th.

Because of the already discounted rates given to school squads, we have set forth the following rules/policies:


Squads will be allowed to make up a practice when Power Cheer is notified at least ONE WEEK in advance and floor space in available. 
If a squad starts after the beginning of a month, we will “pro-rate” for those practices missed prior to registering.
If you feel your squad requires additional help, you may request an additional instructor for an additional charge.
Gym rental is also available at a discounted rate for currently enrolled squads. You may contact us for more information on these offerings.


There is no “pro-rating” for school squad practices when students miss or who start late – the squad price is based on a total team headcount.
There will be no refunds/credits for practices that students miss. Exceptions may be made if an athlete is injured and misses at least four weeks of practice. Parent must submit a doctor’s note to the billing office for approval.

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