Lil Leaders – Ages 3-5

The Lil Leaders program was designed specifically for children ages 3-5 years old.  It is structured on a rotational curriculum that teaches eight very important skills. The eight advanced skills selected for the Lil Leaders program (focus/concentration, perseverance/teamwork, courage, discipline/intensity, coordination/speed, fitness/agility, control/technique, flexibility) are broken down into specific requirements that each student will tackle at every belt level.  Classes are 30 minutes long, twice per week.

Class Schedules Louisville
Class Schedules Oldham County

Location: Louisville & Oldham Co.

Prerequisites: None

Gender: Boys & Girls

Apparel/Equipment Needed: Uniform required

1 Month Introductory Classes! Only $39!

Applies to specific "Intro Classes" only.
Annual membership fee required ($30)!
*New Students Only

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