All About Kids

Power Cheer All Stars


Monthly Tuition
$145/month – 4 hours/week
$175/month – 6 hours/week

Team commitment is from June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024

The annual membership fee is $35/student

Competition, Choreography, and Coaches Fees (CCC fee):

$425 due July 1 and $425 October 1. This fee will cover choreography/music and choreography clean up throughout the season, cheerleader’s competition registration to all competitions & coaches’ expenses (competition pay, per diem, mileage, and hotel if needed), team parties, etc.  

There will be approximately 5-6 competitions during the season. 


All athletes will be required to purchase a competition uniform, bow, and shoes.

Uniform – $450 (approx.) plus tax
Competition Bow – $35 (approx.) plus tax
Competition Shoes – $105 (approx.) plus tax
Practice apparel – $50 (approx.) plus tax

Money Back Guarantee