Polly Purple Fish Swim Lessons (Ages 6 & up) (Beginner & Intermediate)

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Our Polly Purple Fish swim lessons at All About Kids are for ages 6 & up. This class is offered for both beginner and intermediate swimmers. This swim lesson is an instructor/child class. Swim lessons are 30 minutes long.  Classes are split into two levels.  All new students should register for Polly Purple Level 1.

Your child will learn the following in their swim lessons:


  • Teach child to be comfortable in the water
  • Blow bubbles, Submerge head
  • Jump in pool with assistance
  • Glide with assistance
  • Front and back float with assistance
  • Flutter kick with assistance
  • Rolling over to back float to breath with assistance


  • Kick roll to back Float to breathe stationary, then roll to stomach and Kick
  • Scoop roll to back Float to breathe stationary then roll to stomach and Scoop
  • Streamline kick on front and back
  • Introduce Elementary Backstroke
  • Tread water 30 secs
  • Independent 50 ft swim

At All About Kids, we take great pride in teaching more than sports and classes, we are committed to watching your child succeed and gain the necessary life skills that will carry them through adult-hood. We are teaching kids self-confidence through hard work and increasing their self-esteem through our sports lessons. Register today!

Class Schedules Louisville
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Location: Louisville & Oldham Co.

Prerequisites: None

Gender: Boys & Girls

Apparel/Equipment Needed: Swimsuit, towel and goggles

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee – if you are not entirely happy with our classes, we will refund 100% of your tuition within the first month, or apply it as a credit towards another lesson.

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